Business Services

R3 Accounting has decades of experience with tax planning, preparing tax forms and representing clients in many domestic and foreign jurisdictions. We focus on providing a broad range of tax services for businesses and individuals. If you have business or residency anywhere throughout the United States, in Canada or in other countries, we may be able to help you with tax and governmental reporting requirements, and possibly save you some money. We regularly find tax savings for our clients and new methods to build wealth.

As tax laws, regulations and rates are always changing, the professionals at R3 Accounting can assist you with your tax obligations so that you may focus on other business matters. During our work with you, we strive to identify opportunities to legally eliminate, minimize or defer cash needed for taxes. <READ MORE>

We assist high net worth individuals who have income from, or investments in, various states and countries.
A significant portion of R3 Accounting’s practice is devoted to helping individuals and families from all walks of life and throughout the generations and no matter the circumstances.
We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service to represent you through the IRS Practitioner program. To help speed filing of your return and obtain your refund, we are connected with IRS efile. If you should receive correspondence from a governmental authority which you do not understand, or become involved in a tax dispute, please feel free to contact us even if we have not prepared the return. We can help. <READ MORE>

Many businesses find that they do not have internal capabilities to understand and follow the myriad of rules, regulations, interpretations and bulletins published by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the on-going changes. <READ MORE>

As former CFO’s, we have extensive experience with acquisitions, mergers and divestitures. We have led or participated in dozens of transactions from the buy-side and the sell-side, and we continue to do so regularly. When a transaction makes sense, we know what to do to get a deal closed. <READ MORE>

The R3 Accounting practice is dedicated to outstanding and timely service. We do accounting and attestation work for small to mid-size companies. For large public companies, we do not focus on leading recurring audits of financial statements; instead we focus on financial statement and schedule preparation, research, internal control review and documentation. We have chosen this direction for our practice with the spirit of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board rules in mind. <READ MORE>